Application 1007

Automated semi-continuous batch processing system with rotating bed reactor

Video showing the principle of an automated rotating bed reactor system capable of filling a solution, neutralizing it by ion exchange and draining it. By microcomputer control, unattended semi-continuous batch processing was accomplished for many cycles until the ion exchanger was completely saturated.

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    Conditions: Neutralization of about 500 mL water with 0.63 mM NaOH and 110 mg/L phenolphthalein within a SpinChem® S311 flower-baffled reaction vessel, using a SpinChem® RBR S311 containing 50 mL Amberlite IRN99 at 500 rpm. The automated sequence included filling to level sensor, starting the overhead stirrer motor, stopping stirrer motor when absorbance probe recorded a clear solution, opening the bottom valve until vessel was empty and finally closing the bottom valve to get ready for a new cycle. The entire sequence was controlled by a microcomputer allowing a preset number of cycles to be executed without manual interaction.