Application 9003

Simultaneous Selective Decolouration – Illustrating a Concept for Cascade Reactions

Two dyes were selectively extracted onto different adsorbents within the same run using a SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) and an EasyMax™ 102 Advanced synthesis workstation. This experiment illustrates performing cascade reaction for one-pot multi-step synthesis.

Products: SpinChem® RBR S2
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    Conditions: Allura red (60 μM) and methylene blue (31 μM) in deionized water (about 120 mL) were adsorbed onto Purolite® A500Plus (13 mL, 300-1200 μm) and Purosorb™ PAD700 (13 mL, 350-1200 μm), respectively. Each adsorbent was filled into two of the four compartments in a SpinChem® S2 rotating bed reactor (RBR) operated at 500 rpm within an EasyMax™ 102 Advanced synthesis workstation.