New SpinChem cartridges with Purolite biocatalysts

SpinChem is releasing exchangeable resin-filled cartridges that will allow for easier and faster screening and optimization of biocatalysis production processes. The cartridges are designed to fit perfectly into the four compartments of the SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR). Due to inertial forces, spinning the SpinChem® RBR in substrate solution will allow the substrate to have multiple passages through the cartridges to interact with the enzyme immobilized on the resin within. After completing the screening process, the cartridges are easily washed and removed from the RBR to be reused at a later time or in another application.

Through an exciting new cooperation agreement with Purolite Life Sciences, the cartridges will be delivered pre-packed with a variety of Purolite® Lifetech™ resins for lipase biocatalysis and enzyme immobilization screening. The two companies will jointly market and sell the new cartridge products. Production and distribution will be handled solely by SpinChem AB.

“We are very happy about the new cooperation with Purolite Life Sciences. The agreement is a strong confirmation of the benefits with our RBR technology, and will help us to reach new customer groups with the SpinChem® products”, said Emil Byström, CEO at SpinChem AB.

The new SpinChem® cartridges will be launched the 9th of May at the Biocatalysis in Non-Conventional Media (BNCM) conference in Rostock, Germany.

Details about the SpinChem® cartridges with Purolite® Lifetech™ biocatalysts: