Towards environmentally friendly production of polycaprolactone

In a recent scientific paper, the authors suggested that performing their newly developed three-enzyme cascade reaction within a large scale rotating bed reactor could lead to an efficient and environmentally friendly production pathway for the biodegradable ester polycaprolactone.

“Co-expression of an alcohol dehydrogenase and a cyclohexanone monooxygenase for cascade reactions facilitates the regeneration of the NADPH cofactor” by Anna Kohl, Vishnu Srinivasamurthy, Dominique Böttcher, Johannes Kabisch, and Uwe T. Bornscheuer.

Enzyme and Microbial Technology 108 (2018) 53-58.

Happy holidays from SpinChem

SpinChem wishes you all happy holidays and a happy new year! We look forward to 2018, and hope to see you at conferences and meetings all around the world.

SpinChem® newsletter 2017-12-13

Swedish mulled wine ‘glögg’ production with rotating bed reactor

Watch this video to learn how to prepare Swedish mulled wine ‘glögg’ using a SpinChem® rotaing bed reactor.

Effective extraction of spices for mulled wine production using a rotating bed reactor

Minireview highlights SpinChem technology for cascade reactions

A recent scientific review in ChemCatChem covering one-pot multistep organic synthesis highlights that “advanced reactor design such as … the SpinChem reactor, could also enhance cascade biotransformation processes”.

Whole-cell cascade biotransformations for one-pot multistep organic synthesis

Newsletter on manuals and instruction videos

Read the latest SpinChem® newsletter about manuals and instruction videos for SpinChem® rotating bed reactors, flower-baffled reaction vessels and their accessories.

SpinChem® newsletter 2017-11-14

New manuals for SpinChem® RBR products

New assembly guides and operating instructions are now available for the SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) complete starter kits containing sections for the individual products and accessories. Download the updated manuals below or visit SpinChem’s technical support webpage for a complete list of all available documents and instruction videos.



Fixed bed reactor column vs rotating bed reactor technology in new application note

Have a look at the new application note comparing fixed bed reactor (FBR) column to rotating bed reactor (RBR) technology. These experiments showed that the more efficient use of the adsorbent with a SpinChem® RBR enabled completion of a decoloration process within 40% of the time at the same material amount or allowed reduction to 50% material while still being able to finish the process within the same time as the FBR.

Comparing rotating bed reactor and fixed bed reactor for adsorption purification


Faster and more efficient purification with rotating bed reactors

Read the latest SpinChem® newsletter about how SpinChem® rotating bed reactor technology can accomplish faster and more efficient purification of liquids.

SpinChem® newsletter 2017-10-19

Article on SpinChem’s RBR technology published in Farmers Review Africa

The September-October 2017 issue of the magazine Farmers Review Africa contains an article highlighting SpinChem’s rotating bed reactor (RBR) technology for food processing by immobilized enzymes. Farmers Review Africa published by Mailing Times media, is Africa’s premier magazine on topical issues of national and international importance in agriculture.

Farmers Review Africa, September-October 2017


Faster and simpler downstream processing

Read the latest SpinChem® newsletter about accomplishing faster and simpler downstream processing with SpinChem® rotating bed reactor technology.

SpinChem® newsletter 2017-10-03