Newsletter on chemical catalysis

Read SpinChem’s latest newsletter on utilizing the SpinChem® RBR for chemical catalysis.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-10-16

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018

SpinChem would like to congratulate our customer Frances H. Arnold on being awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for the directed evolution of enzymes. This is a very important and environmentally-friendly advance in the production of e.g. pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biofuel.

We are proud to have delivered a SpinChem rotating bed reactor system to professor Arnold’s team, and hope that it will prove to be a useful tool in further researching modified biocatalysts.

Newsletter on circumventing flow channelling

Learn about how the clever design and exceptional robustness of the SpinChem® RBR circumvents problems associated with flow channelling.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-09-18

Newsletter on processing of highly viscous solutions

Read SpinChem’s latest newsletter to learn about how the SpinChem® RBR enables efficient processing of highly viscous media.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-08-22

Newsletter on process development

Read about how SpinChem offers help with the development of your heterogeneous processes, from bench-top screening, to full-scale production.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-07-10

Newsletter on ProRBR product launch

Read SpinChem’s latest newsletter on the process rotating bed reactor (ProRBR), designed for batch and flow processing of liquid volumes of 100 L to several thousand cubic metres.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-06-20

Newsletter on parallel reaction screening using the MagRBR

Read SpinChem’s latest newsletter about how the magnetic rotating bed reactor (MagRBR) can simplify the screening of solid biocatalysts for your biotransformation reaction, or help finding the most suitable enzyme immobilization resin for your enzyme.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-05-31

Tips ‘n’ Tricks

SpinChem has a new video presenting several useful tips and tricks for easy operation of the SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) and associated equipment. The video contains instructions for filling the RBR, aligning the shaft and reaction vessel, applying vacuum, and other practical information.

Watch video!

Meet SpinChem at Analytica

Meet SpinChem at the Analytica conference in Munich the 10th to 13th of April. The new SpinChem® MagRBR (magnetic rotating bed reactor) will be displayed at the booth of our business partners at Purolite Life Sciences. If you would like a demonstration of the MagRBR, or to discuss any applications regarding biocatalysis and immobilized enzymes, stop by the Purolite booth, or send an email to, and we can set up a meeting!

You can also meet SpinChem at the Second Symposium on Biocatalysis in Wädenswil, Switzerland, the 7th of June, and the Gordon Research Conference on Biocatalysis in Biddeford, US, the 8th to 13th of July

Video of RBR S3 A1 with artificial intelligence and autonomous self-assembly

On this special day SpinChem presents a video of the next generation S3 A1 rotating bed reactor with artificial intelligence that allows completely autonomous self-assembly.

Enjoy video!