Newsletter on catalyst recycling

Read the newest SpinChem newsletter about catalyst recycling using the SpinChem® RBR.

SpinChem® newsletter 2019-02-21

2019 – International year of the periodic table

2019 has been dubbed the international year of the periodic table, as this year marks the 150th anniversary of the periodic table first being published by Dimitri Mendelev in 1869.

Did you know that Swedish scientists discovered 19 of the elements, making Sweden second only to the UK in regards to element discovery? Due to this, SpinChem has put a little extra focus on some of our favourite elements, discovered by fellow Swedes.

SpinChem® newsletter 2019-01-22

Automated large-scale water treatment system

Five students from Umeå University have, together with SpinChem, developed a prototype for an automated water treatment system for large-scale processes over the last months. The result of their recently completed work proved once again that the RBR technology is well suited for large-scale industrial applications. Congratulations on a job well done!

Holiday Greetings!

SpinChem wishes you all a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! We hope that 2019 will bring new exciting collaborations and applications, and that we will get a chance to meet you at conferences and exhibitions all around the world.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-12-11

Newsletter on one-pot multi-step reactions

Read about using the SpinChem® RBR in cascade reactions to perform one-pot multi-step synthesis.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-11-15

Newsletter on chemical catalysis

Read SpinChem’s latest newsletter on utilizing the SpinChem® RBR for chemical catalysis.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-10-16

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2018

SpinChem would like to congratulate our customer Frances H. Arnold on being awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, for the directed evolution of enzymes. This is a very important and environmentally-friendly advance in the production of e.g. pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biofuel.

We are proud to have delivered a SpinChem rotating bed reactor system to professor Arnold’s team, and hope that it will prove to be a useful tool in further researching modified biocatalysts.

Newsletter on circumventing flow channelling

Learn about how the clever design and exceptional robustness of the SpinChem® RBR circumvents problems associated with flow channelling.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-09-18

Newsletter on processing of highly viscous solutions

Read SpinChem’s latest newsletter to learn about how the SpinChem® RBR enables efficient processing of highly viscous media.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-08-22

Newsletter on process development

Read about how SpinChem offers help with the development of your heterogeneous processes, from bench-top screening, to full-scale production.

SpinChem® newsletter 2018-07-10