Scientific review on sustainable chemistry pinpoints rotating bed reactor benefits

SpinChem® RBR technology “combines the advantages of a stirred tank with those of a packed bed” according to a new review article on the role of biocatalysis in sustainable chemistry published by the scientific journal Chemical Reviews.

Role of biocatalysis in sustainable chemistry


SpinChem collaborates with North Sweden Cleantech

SpinChem AB joins the business network North Sweden Cleantech to share innovative ideas and further the use of simpler, faster, and more stable and resource-efficient technical solutions for heterogeneous processes.

SpinChem AB at North Sweden Cleantech


New brochure on SpinChem® rotating bed reactor applications and products

Learn from application examples how to increase speed and convenience for biocatalysis and other heterogeneous reactions in laboratory development and production scale. Read about the capabilities and handling benefits with pre-packed cartridges.

Rotating bed reactor applications and products


Application note on transfer hydrogenation

Check out the new application note discussing convenient and productive transfer hydrogenation enabled by recycling of encapsulated palladium catalyst without filtration using SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) technology.

Transfer hydrogenation with catalyst recycling in a rotating bed reactor


Newsletter on SpinChem® complete starter kits

Read the latest SpinChem® newsletter about kick-starting the development of your heterogeneous reactions using the SpinChem® complete starter kits.

SpinChem® newsletter 2017-08-16

Rotating bed reactor technology highlighted in scientific review

The benefits of SpinChem® RBR technology in biocatalysis engineering was recently highlighted in the high impact scientific journal Chemical Society Reviews. The authors wrote “… in addition to protecting the biocatalyst from shear forces caused by the stirrer, it greatly accelerates mass transfer, thus affording substantially higher reaction rates and creating the possibility to use much smaller reactors”.

Biocatalysis engineering: the big picture


Newsletter on SpinChem® MagRBR pre-launch

Read the latest SpinChem® newsletter to learn more about the pre-launch of SpinChem® MagRBR at the Biotrans 2017 symposium in Budapest and how to apply for becoming a beta tester.

SpinChem® newsletter 2017-06-29

Pre-launch of SpinChem® MagRBR at BioTrans 2017 symposium

Get a sneak-peek of the latest product prototype, SpinChem® MagRBR, created to simplify parallel laboratory development and reaction screening in liquid volumes 5-50 mL. Delivered pre-packed with catalysts or adsorbents, handling of heterogeneous reactions is incredibly simple and no filtration is needed to remove the solid particles.

Apply to become one of the beta testers by contacting SpinChem with your application ideas. If chosen, you will become one of the first to try out and give feedback on the new SpinChem® MagRBR concept.

Pre-launch of the SpinChem® MagRBR will occur at the BioTrans symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformation, July 9-13 in Budapest, Hungary. We hope to see you there in the SpinChem booth!


SpinChem recruits new product development engineer

SpinChem speeds up product development for large scale processes by recruiting another product development engineer. We welcome Mattias Ekström to the team! Mattias holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Umeå University. He is specialized in computational physics problem solving with broad experiences within mathematics, physics and scientific programming. “I am a problem solver devoted to building efficient work flows”, says Mattias.

Reactor engineering to solve mass transfer limitations

Read the latest SpinChem® newsletter to learn more about how reactor engineering and rotating bed reactor technology solves mass transfer limitations for heterogeneous reactions.

SpinChem® newsletter 2017-06-07