The SpinChem magnetic rotating bed reactor

The SpinChem® magnetic rotating bed reactor (MagRBR), is designed for parallel laboratory development and reaction screening in 5-100 mL volumes. The MagRBR is delivered pre-packed with a variety of solid resins for catalysis, immobilization and adsorption.

Immobilized enzyme screening

Streamline your enzyme screenings with the SpinChem® RBR. Rapid enzyme optimization is achieved due to quick and simple catalyst exchange.

Easy to use

No preparations are required prior to using the SpinChem® MagRBRs, which are delivered pre-packed with adsorption and catalysis resins to be used for your reactions right away.

Enzyme immobilization

Optimize your own enzyme with the SpinChem® MagRBR. Quick enzyme verification is achieved with in situ immobilization.

Comparison of the MagRBR and loose resin

The graph shows a comparison screening of the activity of eight different immobilized enzymes (A-H) using the SpinChem® MagRBR (blue) and resin suspended freely in solution (grey). The SpinChem® MagRBR provides optimized resin utilization, while at the same time preserving enzyme activity.

Lipase screening with the MagRBR

The graph shows the results of screening of six immobilized lipases in parallel for an esterification reaction, using SpinChem® MagRBRs in 10 mL reaction volumes. The MagRBR facilitates catalytic reactions very efficiently on a millilitre scale, and enables rapid parallel biocatalyst screening.

Seamless scalability

The generic design of the SpinChem® RBR enables seamless scalability, which means that the RBR technique can be used in liquid volumes of just a few millilitres, as processed by the MagRBR M10, to several hundred cubic metres with our largest rotating bed reactors.

From screening to full-scale production

From bench-top screening, lab-scale optimization and pilot plant tests, all the way to full-scale production, SpinChem can provide you with lab equipment, custom-made solutions and process development.