Applications with keyword: Activated carbon

Application 1026

Accelerated video showing the removal of methylene blue from 50 L volume of liquid, by adsorption onto activated carbon in a production scale rotating bed reactor (RBR). The decolouration process removed 99.96% of the dye within 10 minutes with a logarithmic decline of concentration as documented by analysis of withdrawn samples.

Products: SpinChem® RBR S5
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    Conditions: Adsorption of methylene blue (20 g, 400 mg/L) onto activated carbon (7 L, 20-50 mesh) placed in a SpinChem® S511 rotating bed reactor (RBR) operated at 200 rpm within a 38 cm diameter cylindrical reaction vessel containing 50 L water and equipped with three baffles placed along the edges. Samples were withdrawn every half minute and analysed by light adsorption without any need for filtration. The video is shown at 20x speed.

Application 1024

Comparison of rotating bed reactor (RBR) technology and fixed bed reactor (FBR) column during activated carbon decolourization. The more efficient use of the adsorbent with a SpinChem® RBR enabled completion of the process within 40% of the time at the same material amount or allowed reduction to 50% material while still being able to finish the process within the same time as the FBR.

Application 1012

Time lapse video illustrating how an externally connected rotating bed reactor (RBR) can pump and process large liquid volumes by the convective flow created by the spinning RBR. The concept enables handling of volumes at least 10-100 times larger than the external vessel, thus facilitating installation of RBR technology into existing plant equipment.

Products: SpinChem® RBR S2
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    Conditions: A water filled (2 L) connected system consisting of a tank (1 L) to which an external flower baffled vessel (200 mL) was connected via pipes (24.6 mm ID). A SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) S221 filled with activated carbon (28 mL, 20-50 mesh) was placed in the external vessel and rotated at 1000 rpm adsorbing dissolved methylene blue (40 mg) within 14 minutes.

Application 1008

Accelerated video showing the enhanced adsorption rates of methylene blue onto activated carbon using a rotating bed reactor (RBR) compared to a stirred tank reactor (STR). The RBR decolourized the solution almost twice as fast, did not create any visible fines and required no filtration.

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    Conditions: Adsorption of methylene blue (100 mg) onto activated carbon (40 mL, 12-40 mesh) placed either in a SpinChem® S311 rotating bed reactor (RBR) or stirred free in solution agitated by a 5 cm impeller, both operated at 800 rpm within a SpinChem® V311 flower-baffled reaction vessel containing 1000 mL water at room temperature. The video is shown at 12x the normal speed. The solution was decolourized after 5 minutes with the RBR, versus close to 10 minutes with the stirred tank reactor (STR). Samples from the RBR set-up required no filtration, but from the STR all samples required filtration through a 45 µm syringe filter for analysis.

Application 1001

Investigation of how rotational speed influences the efficiency of rotating bed reactors (RBR) for a diversity of processes such as adsorption, neutralization and ammonolysis. It was demonstrated how reaction rates could reach a plateau with the SpinChem® RBR when mass transfer efficiency exceeded reaction speed.