Applications with keyword: Mettler-Toledo

Application 9005

This application note demonstrates how the combination of a SpinChem MagRBR custom-filled with heterogenous Pd(II)-catalyst and the controlled conditions in a Mettler-Toledo EasyMax™ 102 Advanced Synthesis Workstation allows for quick and convenient generation of C-C coupled products.

Application 9004

Blue dye was removed from a highly viscous liquid using a SpinChem® RBR S2 in an EasyMax™ 102 Advanced Synthesis Workstation. Monitoring of the reaction was easily recorded as no freely suspended ion exchange resin beads or resin debris interfered with the readings. This demonstrates that the RBR technology is extremely well suited for in-line monitoring. The viscosity of the solution was determined to ca 230 cP at 25°C, showing that it is possible to absorb dye even from a highly viscous solution.

Application 9002

The stable reaction environment in the EasyMax™ 102 Advanced synthesis workstation and the high flow rates through the SpinChem® RBR allowed for quick and convenient screening of different immobilized lipases to find the enzyme most suitable for further reaction optimization.

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    Conditions: A SpinChem® S2 RBR fitted with cartridges (4×2 mL) containing one enzyme at a time from Purolite® Lifetech™ lipase kit, was rotated at 500 rpm in a preheated (60 °C) substrate solution containing lauric acid (84.1 g), 1-propanol (31.5 mL) and water (3.36 mL). Analysis of propyl laurate product was accomplished by GC-FID after 1:50 dilution in heptane containing internal standard (tetradecane). Reactions were repeated twice.