Application 1015

A remote controlled raft for treatment of surface water using rotating bed reactor technology

Time lapse video demonstrating a prototype vehicle capable of processing two cubic metres of coloured water within five minutes. The raft was carrying two rotating bed reactors that neutralized the basic surface water in a square pond by ion exchange.

Keywords: Cleantech, Ion exchange, Seamless scaleup, Technology


Conditions: A pond containing tap water (2000 L), sodium hydroxide (150 mL, 1 M), and phenolphthalein (0.8 g) was neutralized within five minutes by two prototype rotating bed reactors, containing a total of 960 mL IRN99 H+ ion exchange resin, attached to a remote controlled floating prototype vehicle maneuvered across the water surface. The project was a cooperation between SpinChem, Umeå University and MTC centre for environmental technology.

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