Application 1015

Remote controlled raft for treatment of large volumes of water

Industries that generate large quantities of liquid waste, e.g. the nuclear energy or mining industries, are familiar with the accumulation of water in ponds, both indoor and outdoor. The treatment of the water necessary for release can seem as an insurmountable challenge, both based on the sheer volume and on the hazards involved. Pumping the waste through a column would typically involve high pressure, while any accidental release or spillage must be avoided.

The rotating bed reactor offers a solution with a small footprint for large volumes of water. It is deployable in many ways, one of which is the remote controlled vehicle demonstrated here. Through the unique patented technology, the rotating bed reactor provides the user with an opportunity to remediate metals like Cd, Ni, Cs, and others, without having to transfer the water from its storage site. 

This video demonstrates a prototype vehicle capable of processing two cubic metres of water within five minutes. The vehicle was carrying two rotating bed reactors that neutralized the base in the pond by ion exchange.

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Conditions: A pond containing tap water (2000 L), sodium hydroxide (150 mL, 1 M), and phenolphthalein (0.8 g) was neutralized within five minutes by two prototype rotating bed reactors, containing a total of 960 mL IRN99 H+ ion exchange resin, attached to a remote controlled floating prototype vehicle maneuvered across the water surface.

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