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Case Study: Spinionic™ Container Deployment



SpinChem signed an agreement in 2019 with AtkinsRéalis for the exclusive use of their Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) technology in nuclear environments, coined Spinionic™. AtkinsRéalis engaged with a client currently using an Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) for water treatment. In this case, ALPS is unable to remove all contaminants, specifically iodine-129 (I-129). To verify that this effluent can be treated with RBR technology, pilot tests in 1 m3 containers were performed.

AtkinsRéalis and SpinChem are capable of deploying an RBR into either standard containers such as an IBC, or into non-standard containers with custom/modified deployment rigs.

Atkins solutions and added value

SpinChem supplied an RBR as well as a deployment assembly. Factory acceptance tests were run with a standard IBC container. The assembly is clamped to the vessel, the RBR and driveshaft lowered with an appropriate lifting system.


factor acceptance tests of the deployment rig


This deployment rig was subsequently installed into a non-standard container on site, where site acceptance tests were performed prior to the operation of Spinionic™.


deployment rig on site, on a non-standard 1000 m3 container


Tests were performed using multiple types of media (‘READ’, ‘AgZ’, ‘Kurare’) for different durations and effluent samples.


RBR S4 filled with media


assembled RBR S4 prior deployment


The tests were concluded successfully, and the results indicated excellent performance of the Spinionic RBR technology. Comparing test data to ALPS technology, conclusions about Spinionic™ include:

  • I-129 removal at very low levels compared to ALPS
  • significantly lower media-to-effluent ratio than ALPS
  • significantly higher throughput per m3 of media

In short, Spinionic™ achieves a high processing rate, a high decontamination factor, and lower media consumption.


relation between I-129 concentration and processing time

Services provided

  • Design and production of deployment rigs for standard and non-standard containers
  • Perform bench-scale tests on effluent samples.
  • Analyzing test results and documenting findings in test reports.


Key benefits and sucess factors

  • Versatility and scalability of Spinionic, adapted to a deployment rig for a nonstandard container simulating larger vessels.
  • SpinChem and AtkinsRéalis' combined knowledge of water chemistry.

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