Application 1063 3D sketch of an industrial pond

Case Study: Spinionic™ Pond Deployment



SpinChem® signed an agreement with AtkinsRéalis in 2019 for exclusive rights to their Spinionic™ Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) technology in nuclear environments. This case study is a concept deployment of Spinionic™ into a pond, where accessibility issues are overcome by the versatility of RBR technology. A pond at a reduced water level requires decontamination for decommissioning of the pond. The pond has a large concrete overhang, providing shielding for elevators that were once inside, with installation apertures temporarily plugged. The reduced water level is approximately 5.7 m below these apertures.

Atkins solutions and added value

Atkins developed a concept of deploying a main frame that sits in the existing apertures to minimise modification to the existing infrastructure. Secured to the main frame is a guide rail that extends down into the effluent and a horizontally traversing ‘transfer flask.’


pond overview


The RBR and drive system are mounted to a carriage assembly that traverses vertically along the guide rail via a winch and cable mechanism.


cross-section of pond


carriage assembly


At its lowest position, the RBR is submerged and effluent processing occurs. Directional pipework avoids disturbing sediment at the bottom of the pond. The carriage assembly sits inside the ‘transfer flask’, which horizontally traverses above the import and export cradles.


directional pipework to avoid disturbing sediment


deployment top-end


Quick release technology developed by SpinChem and SNC Lavalin allows RBR changeover with minimal exposure for the operator.


RBR quick release connection

Services provided

  • product concept & prototyping
  • 3D design in Autodesk Inventor
  • formal reports and presenations capturing the proposed concept


Key benefits and success factors

  • versatility of Spinionic™ for in-situ deployment in difficult-to-access locations
  • SpinChem and AtkinsRéalis' problem solving and innovation capacity

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