Application 1065 3D model of the RBR deployment rig on top of a large horizontally lying cylindrical vessel

Case Study: Spinionic™ Vessel Deployment

Shearon Harris


SpinChem® signed a contract with AtkinsRéalis in 2019 for the exclusive use of their Spinionic™ Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) technology in nuclear environments. Spinionic™ is ideal for in-situ deployment into vessels containing contaminated effluent, such as the caesium and cobalt removed in this case study using SpinChem® S14 RBR. The deployment rig was mounted to the main aperture at the top of the vessel and sat just 3 feet below the ceiling.

Atkins solutions and added value

An effluent sample was taken from the vessel, and bench-scale tests were performed to identify the most suitable type and quantity of media.


bench-scale test results


CFD assessment performed by SpinChem® ensured the RBR generated continuous flow of solution throughout the vessel (no ‘deadspots’).


CFD simulation of vessel flows


3D assembly model


The deployment rig lowered the driveshaft and frame down in segments due to the minimal head height above the aperture. A stainless steel drive system and an aluminum frame ensured durability in the highly corrosive environment.


deployment assembly


The deployment rig was mounted to the existing flange of the aperture at the top of the vessel, so no modification to the existing infrastructure was required.


in-situ deployment on the vessel


The deployment rig was manufactured in SNC Lavalin’s SP3 facility in Canada. Factory acceptance tests were virtually attended by engineers and team members from the UK, Canada, Sweden, and the USA.


virtual factory acceptance tests (FAT)

Services provided

  • Effluent sample tests for selecting media type and quantity
  • Autodesk Inventor 2D and 3D design, including production and verification of manufacturing drawings
  • Creation and verification of substantiation calculations in accordance with British and Eurocode standards
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to understand fluid flow throughout the vessel
  • Creating and validating Design Substantiation Reports
  • Production and FAT at the SP3 facility
  • FAT digital tools such as "live" virtual reality


Key benefits and success factors

  • SpinionicTM's versatility necessitates no changes to vessel infrastructure.
  • Excellent collaboration among SpinChem, AtkinsRéalis, and the client via digital communication tools.
  • RBR technology has a high efficiency of media usage.

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