Application 1026

Decolourization with activated carbon in a production scale rotating bed reactor

Accelerated video showing the removal of methylene blue from 50 L volume of liquid, by adsorption onto activated carbon in a production scale rotating bed reactor (RBR). The decolouration process removed 99.96% of the dye within 10 minutes with a logarithmic decline of concentration as documented by analysis of withdrawn samples.

Keywords: Activated carbon, Decolouration, Organic molecules, Purification, Seamless scaleup, Technology


Conditions: Adsorption of methylene blue (20 g, 400 mg/L) onto activated carbon (7 L, 20-50 mesh) placed in a SpinChem® S511 rotating bed reactor (RBR) operated at 200 rpm within a 38 cm diameter cylindrical reaction vessel containing 50 L water and equipped with three baffles placed along the edges. Samples were withdrawn every half minute and analysed by light adsorption without any need for filtration. The video is shown at 20x speed.

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