Application Merry Christmas

Effective extraction of spices for mulled wine production using a rotating bed reactor

Video showing how to promote holiday spirit by seasoning mulled wine using a rotating bed reactor. Assorted spices and sugar were used to transform white wine mixed with a clear liquor into a festive and flavourful Christmas drink. The temperature of the mixture was kept at 70°C and the outside temperature at -6°C, using a heating jacket and a northern latitude, respectively.

Keywords: Behind the scenes


Selected spices (ginger, orange zest, clove, cinnamon, allspice, vanilla, cardamom) were loaded into a SpinChem® S3 Plus rotating bed reactor (RBR) and extracted into a mixture of white wine (750 mL, 13% (v/v)) and liquor (50 mL, 37.5% (v/v)). The reaction was carried out at 70°C and 500 rpm, within a SpinChem® V3 flower-baffled reaction vessel, during which granulated sucrose (90 g) was added to the reaction mixture. Samples were extracted after lunch and enjoyed together with gingerbread cookies and classic, Swedish Lussebullar.

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