Application 1048 Landscape of soil to illustrate heavy metal remediation in extracts and oils

Heavy metal remediation in extracts and oils

Plants accumulate heavy metals from the soil in which they grow, and consequently the metals are found in any extracts produced from them. If the soil contains high levels of heavy metals, the resulting concentrate may be unfit for human consumption, and need remediation.

“…legacy contamination may be left over from long-ago spraying with pesticides that contained lead, mercury, cadmium, and other potentially toxic metals.” - Seltenrich, N., Cannabis Contaminants: Regulating Solvents, Microbes, and Metals in Legal Weed

Starting with an ethanol extract of Cannabis sativa that had noticeable levels of arsenic and lead, we remediated these contaminants to non-detect levels (as pure as is quantifiable) using an adsorbent that specifically binds heavy metals. The specificity is of high importance for the flavour & fragrances, food, or cannabis industry, so that the product quality is not negatively affected by the purification.

SpinChem can help you with your purification needs. Colour, odour, pesticides or heavy metals can all be remediated using our rotating bed reactors. Reach out to us for a consultation.

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