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New frontiers in enzyme immobilisation: robust biocatalysts for a circular bio-based economy

An interesting paper where the authors mentions

”A further refinement, the rotating bed reactor developed by SpinChem... This technology combines the benefits of an STR and a packed bed and has been scaled up successfully to more than 100 litres scale.”

Key learnings from the paper

(1) The advantages and limitations of immobilised enzymes in industrial applications

(2) The different technical and regulatory requirements using immobilised enzymes

(3) The different enzyme immobilisation methods

(4) The different reactor technologies for immobilised enzymes and biocatalysis in general

(5) Recent advances in enzyme immobilisation for better production economy


Authors: Roger Sheldon, Alessandra Basso, Dean Brady Publication date: 2021-05-21 DOI: 10.1039/d1cs00015b

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