Application 1039

Remediation of wastewater stored in High Integrity Container

The versatility of the ProRBR IBC add-on (picture below) was demonstrated by mounting it on a high-integrity container (HIC) (picture above) and running a sample reaction. The ProRBR IBC add-on can be placed on most reasonably stable supports. In this case, the RBR add-on was placed over the HIC opening by support of a common construction scaffold. A common ion-exchange reaction, de-ionization by 7 L of mixed-bed resin to 3000 L of municipal water, was carried out to measure the performance. The ion concentration/ conductivity was halved after ca 30 min and after 2 h it was down to our LOQ.



Conditions: A high-integrity container (HIC) was filled with ca 3000 L of municipal water resulting in starting conductivity of 116.5 uS/cm. A RBR S14 was charged with mixed-bed resin NM400IND (7 L) from Purolite. The RBR was lowered into the HIC and spun at 340 rpm while monitoring the conductivity. The reaction was stopped after 2 h when the conductivity was down to our level of quantification (LOQ).

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