Application 1041

Treatment of 7.5 m3 with a 50 L Plug-in System

A small rotating bed reactor (RBR) system deployed in an external loop to the customer’s regular reaction vessel.

Even though RBR technique has been identified as offering advantages for a particular process, deploying it in an existing reaction vessel may prove difficult for practical reasons.

SpinChem ProRBR Plug-in

This is were “plug-in” mode deployment of the RBR can offer a solution. The RBR and associated vessel is attached in an external loop by inlet and outlet connections to the regular vessel.

The “plug-in” RBR system is typically small compared to the regular vessel. Alternatively, the RBR system can be deployed in a vessel → RBR → 2nd vessel mode.

A proof-of-concept demonstration of an RBR in “plug-in” mode by a decolorization. The volume of the “plug-in” vessel is ca 0.7% of the regular vessel it is attached to.


A 7500 L reactor/ storage tank was filled with municipal tap water. Prior to the decolorization experiment, the water was de-ionized by the use of Purolite MB400 mixed bed resin (12 L) loaded in an RBR S14 deployed in tank To the de-ionized water was add methylene blue (16 g) to a final concentration of 2,14 mg/L. To decolorize the volume of water, a RBR S14 was filled with Purolite NRW1160 SCX resin (12 L ). The RBR S14 was deployed in a prototype vessel (ca 50 L) in “plug-in” mode, i.e. in an external loop. A spectrometer probe was placed in the tank for in-line monitoring of the decolorization progress.

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