SpinChem® RBR S3

SpinChem® rotating bed reactor for 300-2000 mL vessels.

€3,780 (excluding accessories such as shaft, filters, and assembly tools)


  1. Material
  2. Stainless Steel (SS316L, EN2348)
  3. Height
  4. 30 mm
  5. Diameter
  6. 70 mm
  7. Porosity
  8. 104 µm
  9. Volume
  10. 69 mL
  11. Shaft Length
  12. 41 cm
  13. Shaft Diameter
  14. 10 mm
  15. Vessel Volume Range
  16. 300-2000 mL
  17. Weight
  18. 148 g (397 g including shaft)
  19. Rotational Direction
  20. Counterclockwise
  21. Rotational Speed
  22. 200-800 rpm (maximum 500 rpm continuously when shaft guide is used!)


Activated carbon decolorization, fast and without filtration, Automatic processes for efficient production, Biocatalysis engineering: the big picture, Decolourization more efficient in rotating bed reactor than in fixed bed reactor, Rotating bed reactor faster than stirred tank reactor for a mass transfer limited reaction, High-viscosity applications made faster, Viscous solutions decolourized using a rotating bed reactor and a stirred tank reactor, Efficient biocatalysis with immobilized enzymes or encapsulated whole cell microorganism by using the SpinChem reactor system, Efficient synthesis of chiral lactones by encapsulated cells in a rotating bed reactor, L-Asparaginase production in rotating bed reactor from Rhizopus microsporus IBBL-2 using immobilized Ca-alginate beads, Lipase catalyzed regioselective lactamization as a key step in the synthesis of N-Boc (2R)-1,4-oxazepane-2-carboxylic acid, Mass transfer revolutionized, How to find the optimal rotational speed when using a rotating bed reactor, Recent advances in whole cell biocatalysis techniques bridging from investigative to industrial scale, Role of biocatalysis in sustainable chemistry, Simple scale-up using flexible reactors, Solvent and rotating bed reactor extraction with one- and two-phase solvents applied to bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) for isolating valuable antioxidants, Rotating Bed Reactor S3 and S3+, SpinChem RBR Tips ‘n’ Tricks, Lipase-catalyzed hydrolysis in 750 L using a rotating bed reactor, Epoxidation of tall oil fatty acids and tall oil fatty acids methyl esters using the SpinChem® rotating bed reactor, Determination of kinetics and equilibria of heterogeneously catalyzed gas-phase reactions in gradientless autoclave reactors by using the total pressure method: Methanol synthesis, Pharmaceutical industry perspectives on flow chemocatalysis and biocatalysis, Compartmentalization in biocatalysis, Streamlining design, engineering, and applications of enzymes for sustainable biocatalysis, Process intensification in oxidative biocatalysis, Screening, synthesis optimization, and scaling-up of phytopathogen antifungals derived from natural hydroxycinnamic acids, New enzymatic reactor designs: From enzymatic batch to 3D microreactors and monoliths

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