Are you planning to scale up your process?

The SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) is a fully scalable technology, enabling efficient reaction development in the laboratory as well as economic production in the manufacturing plant. Results are consistent across scales, making it easy to predict large-scale performance based on small-scale trials.

Why "scalability"?

The SpinChem® RBR is designed to be flexible and can be used for many heterogeneous reactions. The importance of a scalable reactor technology becomes apparent when:


How scalable is the rotating bed reactor?

The SpinChem® RBR is used in the laboratories of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, and deployed in 90,000L+ vessels for wastewater treatment. Minimize surprise by using an RBR for your catalysis or purification.


The scalability of the RBR is one of its biggest strengths, but regardless of scale customers will also enjoy:

 We are here to help you with your heterogeneous processes.

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