Are You Planning to Scale Up Your Process?

The SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) is a scalable technology, enabling efficient reaction development in the lab as well as economic production in the manufacturing plant. Results are consistent across scales, making it easy to predict large-scale performance based on small-scale trials.

Why Does Scalability Matter?

Our SpinChem® RBR is designed to be flexible and can be used for many heterogeneous reactions. The importance of a scalable reactor technology becomes apparent when:


How Scalable is the Rotating Bed Reactor?

The SpinChem® RBR is used in the laboratories of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, and deployed in 90,000L+ vessels for wastewater treatment. Minimize surprise by using an RBR for your catalysis or purification:


The scalability of the RBR is one of its biggest strengths, but regardless of scale customers will also enjoy:

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