How our reactor technology improves process efficiency and contributes to a sustainable industry

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Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics

Synthesis of APIs by means of transition metal catalysis, biocatalysis, or hydrogenation and associated downstream processing such as metal scavenging


AtkinsRéalis' Spinionic™ solutions prominently feature SpinChem® patented Rotating Bed Reactor (RBR) technology adapted and applied to the nuclear industry


Industrial wastewater treatment, contaminant removal, deionisation, nuclear wastewater cleanup

Flavour and Fragrances

Focus on product synthesis, purification, or extraction from natural sources, mostly plants

Food and Beverage

Processing of ingredients and finished products including clarifying, contaminant removal, and molecular modifications


Purification of plant extracts, contaminant removal, decolorization, and molecular modifications using different types of catalysts 

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Immobilized and encapsulated enzymes used for chemical synthesis via biotransformation of various substrate molecules

Pesticide Removal

Treatment of oils and liquids to remove pesticides such as organothiophosphates, malathion, and myclobutanil


Removal of colors from wastewater streams, chemical products, or extracts and oils in different industries

Chemical Catalysis

Conversions of mainly fine chemicals and APIs using chemical catalysis reconciles SpinChem's origin in transition metal catalysis with our proprietary rotating bed reactor (RBR)

Scientific Literature

Peer reviewed articles, review articles, book chapters, and theses published since 2013


Application notes with supporting information about our technology with a broad perspective

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