Collection of all the tools and replacement parts you need to keep your SpinChem® products in top conditions.


Filter kit for S2

SpinChem® filter kit with 5 pieces of inner and outer filter for RBR S2. €230


Shaft for S2

SpinChem® shaft for RBR S2. €150

Assembly tools for S2 & S3

SpinChem® assembly tools for RBR S2 and RBR S3. €30


Filter kit for S3

Filter kit with 5 pcs inner and outer filter for RBR S3 €270


Shaft for S3

SpinChem® shaft for RBR S3. €150


Lid for V2 and V3

5 Neck lid DN100 with straight B24 and angled B34, B29, B24, B19 with Rodaviss® caps. €670


High Temperature Connectors

GL18 hose connectors for the SpinChem® jacketed reaction vessels V2 and V3. Set of 3 pcs for the reactor jacket and bottom valve. OD=10.5 mm, ID=7 mm €55


Seal for Vessel V2 and V3

FEP coated silicone O-ring for DN100 vessels. Used for the Vessel V2 and Vessel V3. €45


Shaft guide B24

Shaft guide B24 for 10 mm stirring shafts, used for the RBR S2 and RBR S3. Rodaviss® fitting. Holds vacuum down to 10 mbar. €125


Gas sparger

The solution for using supplying gas to an application with a rotating bed reactor. The gas sparger features a sintered tip to generate fine bubbles, and is available for the Vessel V2 or Vessel V3. All wetted parts are made of 316L stainless steel. The sparger attaches conveniently to the B24 glass joint of the reactor lid. €990


Holder for V2 and V3

A reactor holder for DN100 vessels, such as the Vessel V2 and Vessel V3. Attaches conveniently to our laboratory stand. €305

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