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Rotating Bed Reactors

Standard models of the patented SpinChem® rotating bed reactors. For other materials and custom versions please contact SpinChem.


The SpinChem® process rotating bed reactor (ProRBR) is a flexible, simple and versatile solution for batch and flow processing of liquid volumes of 100 L to thousands of cubic metres. The design and size of the ProRBR is customized and optimized for the process in question.

Laboratory Equipment

SpinChem® jackeded flower-baffled reaction vessels ensure optimal performance of your rotating bed reactor. Plus robust laboratory stands and durable overhead stirrer motors perfectly fitted for rotating bed reactors, as well as traditional set-ups.

Starter Kits

Get started quickly with the development of your heterogenous reactions by ordering a complete starter kit for rotating bed reactors.


Collection of all the tools and replacement parts you need to keep your SpinChem® products in top conditions.

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