Laboratory Equipment

SpinChem® jacketed flower-baffled reaction vessels ensure optimal performance of your rotating bed reactor. Find robust laboratory stands and durable overhead stirrer motors perfectly fitted for RBR:s in classic lab setups.


SpinChem® Vessel V2

SpinChem® flower-baffled jacketed reaction vessel DN100 with bottom drain, 200 mL. €890


SpinChem® Vessel V3

SpinChem® flower-baffled jacketed reaction vessel DN100 with bottom drain, 1200 mL. €1,290


Lid for V2 and V3

5 Neck lid DN100 with straight B24 and angled B34, B29, B24, B19 with Rodaviss® caps. €670


Seal for Vessel V2 and V3

FEP coated silicone O-ring for DN100 vessels. Used for the Vessel V2 and Vessel V3. €45


Shaft Guide B24

Shaft guide B24 for 10 mm stirring shafts, used for the RBR S2 and RBR S3. Rodaviss® fitting. Holds vacuum down to 10 mbar. €125


Holder for V2 and V3

A reactor holder for DN100 vessels, such as the Vessel V2 and Vessel V3. Attaches conveniently to our laboratory stand. €305


Laboratory Stand

Complete laboratory stand in anodized aluminium including adjustable blocks, used to attach the reactor holder and a stirrer motor. The height (1100 mm) is suitable for working in fumehoods. €590


Control Unit 230 V

Control unit for magnetic stirrer with four different power settings (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%), and an automatic memory function for the last used settings. €725


Magnetic Stirrer

Waterproof magnetic stirrer. Compatible with water baths, oil baths, incubators and ovens up to +50 °C. Six stirring positions. €925


Tube Rack (6 pos.)

Tube rack in stainless steel with sockets for docking the SpinChem® Magnetic stirrer, and with handles for lifting. 6 tube positions. €100


Stirrer Motor 60W

The brushless overhead stirrer motor allows silent continuous duty, and features speed control indicated on the display and a keyless chuck for attaching the rotating bed reactor. The motor is controllable by computer through the serial interface (RS232 cable required). Available for 230V and 115V. €990

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