Discover our Top Articles of 2023 and Celebrate the Holiday Season!

Some pieces in a box of chocolates are simply more tasty than the others. We have analyzed the data and discovered the "2023 application note palate" of our readers. 

In this newsletter, we highlight the five most read pieces of content on our website during 2023. Does the results surprise you? I would not have guessed the last one would make the list, but it is holiday season after all!

1. The importance of baffles in a reactor vessel

As an engineer, I am pleased to see a technically oriented application note at the very top of this list. Short and sweet, this application note explains why baffles matter and how the rotating bed reactor excels in a vessel that has them.

Read the application note here.

2. Amination of a green solvent via immobilized biocatalysis for the synthesis of Nemtabrutinib

The authors themselves beautifully make the case for immobilized biocatalysis: “Through a combination of protein engineering, enzyme immobilization, and reaction optimization, we achieved a streamlined, robust process […] and enables simplified, direct isolation of 3a (product) as a crystalline salt with dr > 50:1.” Understandably, this article has been very popular and reached second place on the most-clicked list at

Read the application note here.

3. Use of soft materials for enzyme immobilization

Alginate, agarose, cellulose, chitosan... The list of candidates for enzyme immobilization support can be made long. When the ideal material for your application requires delicate treatment, the Rotating Bed Reactor can save the day. The third most popular content of 2023 explains how soft materials can be utilized for enzyme immobilization.

Read the application note here.

4. Cellulose-bead immobilized enzymes as biodegradable and renewable catalysts

This collaboration between NaturbeadsUniversity of Bath and ChiralVision led to the development of cellulose-based beads as enzyme carriers. Not only was this work a success (see the comparison to traditional enzyme support below), it was the fourth most popular application note or insight of 2023!

Read the application note here.

5. Effective extraction of spices for mulled wine production using a rotating bed reactor

In fifth place, and earning an honorable mention for showcasing an unusual case of utility of the rotating bed reactor, this application note is actually a recipe. Follow this simple protocol and brew a delicious traditional beverage, guaranteed to yield holiday vibes!

Recipe available here.


We hope that you have enjoyed the content we have shared throughout the year. We at SpinChem would like to wish you all happy holidays, and a happy new year!

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