SpinChem is excited to announce its active collaboration with the European project INTERfaces, an innovative initiative that aims to transform biocatalytic processes through the use of heterogenized enzymes. This project is designed to minimize waste generation by reusing catalysts, simplifying processing steps, and avoiding hazardous materials.

Educational Insights and Collaborative Efforts

The INTERfaces project is an educational goldmine for anyone interested in the cutting-edge field of biocatalysis. It focuses on engineering cascade reactions enabled by solid phase biocatalysts, covering essential aspects such as:

  • Design of Reactors: Innovative reactor designs that enhance multi-step biocatalytic reactions.
  • Computational Modeling Tools: Advanced tools to predict and optimize reactions.
  • Operational Modes and Reaction Mediums: Optimal modes and mediums for achieving desired yields and product titers.

SpinChem's Role and Collaboration

We are proud to work alongside esteemed academic and industrial partners, leveraging combined expertise to push the boundaries of sustainable biocatalytic processes. The project involved 13 Non-academic partners ranging from high-tech SMEs to large producing companies and 9 academic institutions. As an industrial supervisor, SpinChem plays a crucial role in translating laboratory research into practical applications, where our expertise in rotating bed reactor (RBR) technology is vital for achieving the goals.

Image is taken from the website of INTERfaces

Upscaling and Commercial Implementation

A key component of the INTERfaces project is upscaling commercially relevant processes. By collaborating with industry partners, we aim to ensure that the biocatalytic processes developed are technically feasible on a commercial scale. This project merges material science and protein engineering to design tailored enzymes and bio-based materials that meet industrial needs for heterogeneous biocatalysis.

Join a Free Online Course

We invite you to deepen your understanding of biocatalysis and learn from leading experts by participating in a free course offered through the INTERfaces project: Tailored Materials and Enzymes for Industrial Processes. This is a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest advancements and practical applications of biocatalytic processes.

Why Participate?

  • Expert Knowledge: Learn from top industry and academic professionals.
  • Innovative Solutions: Discover how cutting-edge technologies like RBR can enhance your processes.
  • Sustainable Practices: Understand the importance of minimizing waste and reusing catalysts.

Don’t miss this chance to enhance your skills and knowledge in biocatalysis.

Check the content of the course now


By participating in this ambitious project, SpinChem continues to demonstrate its commitment to advancing sustainable chemical processes and driving innovation in biocatalysis. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey with INTERfaces and how we are working together to shape the future of industrial biocatalysis.

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