The former CEO of chemical industry giant Perstorp Martin Lundin has been appointed Chairman of the Board for Umeå-based SpinChem AB.

“I’m very honoured. SpinChem combines fascinating cutting-edge technology with talented employees, while operating in an exciting market”, says Martin Lundin.

SpinChem manufactures rotating bed reactors, which act a little like a tea bag when loaded with various types of solid material, and can be used for, among other things, the purification of water and hazardous waste, as well as for the production of renewable fuels, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

SpinChem already counts the majority of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies among its customers but is now setting its sights even higher. The new Chairman of the Board sees enormous potential in the innovative Umeå-based company.

“I would like to see our technology become even more well known among a broader group of customers. We are also looking at scaling up sales, which is an exciting project in progress.”, states Martin Lundin.

SpinChem's rotating bed reactors are used in both small and large-scale operations. Martin Lundin said the company aims to establish a more specific two-part business model going forward.

“The core concept will enable scaling up in a phenomenally smart way. Most customers start by purchasing small scale laboratory equipment for evaluation of SpinChem's products and starting the process development. It's a market sector in which we're going to put a lot of effort into. When customers use our equipment on a larger scale they take a greater risk with their capital as they replace existing processes with ours”, he explains.

The goal is to simplify the sales process and make the business model for small-scale systems more effective.

“That means everything from an intuitive webshop to self-evaluation forms that make it easier for customers to find the right product themselves. This is a business model that will allow us to reach out both market-wise and geographically”.

The second part of the business model involves more complex systems and solutions for large-scale production. Three years ago SpinChem signed an agreement with Canadian stock exchange giant SNC-Lavalin, which used SpinChem's rotating bed reactors in its purification system for the nuclear power industry.

Stepping up to this level means other factors enter the business equation, according to Martin Lundin.

“In our large-scale business model, we can focus on one, two or a maximum of three industries. Different types of resources and patience are required here, as we are often dealing with multi-year sales processes together with a partner in which we are a part of an overall solution.”

Martin Lundin has worked most of his professional life in the Perstorp Group, where he has been HR Director as well as Deputy President and CEO. He has sat on the board of a major German chemical group for the past eight years (an assignment he will continue) and can now add SpinChem to his impressive CV.

SpinChem's CEO Emil Byström is looking forward to working with Martin Lundin.

“He is an amazing asset to the company and is really sharp at making decisions and pushing things forward. We have been developing our products for 14 years and sold them for many years, but now we want to scale up the business and that's where Martin comes in. He is much more sales and market oriented, and has a lot of industry experience”, says Emil Byström.

Alongside the appointment, SpinChem has also employed a salesperson for the very first time. “This means a lot to us as we are putting considerable focus on sales and marketing”, says Emil Byström.

For more information, please contact:
Emil Byström, CEO Spinchem
Mobil: +46 70-689 25 01

About SpinChem: SpinChem is a privately held company in Umeå, Sweden, that develops innovative rotating bed reactors (RBR) for synthesis, manufacturing, and purification in the chemical and biotechnology industries. The company provides solutions from laboratory to production scale for customers worldwide. The RBR technology has been developed in Umeå and is extensively patented by the company.

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