Is your Rotating Bed Reactor due for Service?

Although our systems are designed to last, spare parts wear out with time and intensive use. As is true for most things in life, some love and attention is required to uphold excellence. Is it time to give your system some maintenance?

Headspace headaches?

If you're having trouble applying vacuum to the reactor, or if solvent vapors are escaping the vessel, it could be time for a new seal for your shaft guide. Let us know if you have any challenges in controlling the atmosphere in the reactor.


Trouble with leakage from the bottom valve?

Is the piston tough to close, or it won't seal properly? Don't risk damaging your glassware. It is quick and easy to replace the O-ring in the tip of the bottom valve. Reach out to us for a quote.

Are particles leaching from your RBR?

Ensure that the particle size of the solid phase (catalyst, adsorbent, etc.) deployed in the RBR matches the specifications of >100 µm. If you still encounter particle leakage, try to exchange your filters. No new filters left? Get another kit from us!


Cracked glassware? Noise coming from the motor?

We keep laboratory equipment on stock and can replace defective items in a few business days. Reach out to us for a discussion of what we can do.

Are you facing any other technical issues or special complications with your application? Contact us for a tailored solution today.

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