Complete S5

Get started with pilot testing or production in 120 L of liquid, with the RBR S5 installed in a jacketed stainless steel vessel. The lifting aid raises the rotating bed reactor for service operations, such as solid-phase replacement or cleaning.

Price on request.


The Complete S5 comprises a jacketed stainless steel vessel (120 L volume), an RBR S5 with a drive shaft, a 2.2 kW motor with speed control, a lifting aid, and a rugged support frame.

All that you need to start working with a rotating bed reactor at pilot/production scale. Also available with the RBR S14.


  1. Material of construction, wetted parts
  2. Stainless Steel (SS316L, EN2348)
  3. External dimensions
  4. 1200 mm (width) x 800 (depth) x 2200 (height)
  5. RBR volume
  6. 5 L
  7. Vessel volume
  8. 120 L
  9. System dry weight
  10. 300 kg (approximate)
  11. Motor speed
  12. 0-340 rpm
  13. Jacket temperature range
  14. 0°C – 50°C



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