SpinChem® RBR S5

SpinChem® rotating bed reactor for 20-300 L vessels. Can be custom-made to match the user's reaction vessel.

Price on request.


  1. Material
  2. Stainless Steel (SS316L, EN2348)
  3. Height
  4. 315 mm
  5. Diameter
  6. 210 mm
  7. Porosity
  8. 100 µm
  9. Volume
  10. 5 L (custom sizes 2-10 L are possible)
  11. Shaft Diameter
  12. 30 mm (custom attachments are possible)
  13. Vessel Volume Range
  14. 20-300 L
  15. Rotational Direction
  16. Clockwise / Counterclockwise
  17. Rotational Speed
  18. 50-400 rpm

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