Application 1021

Demonstration of loading, reaction and unloading in a production scale rotating bed reactor

Video showing how a SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) for use in 20-300 L vessels was charged with solid particles, used for pH neutralization, drained from reaction liquid and finally emptied from solid phase without opening the RBR. This procedure illustrates one approach to using RBR in production scale equipment without opening the reaction vessel.

Keywords: Easy handling, Ion exchange, Seamless scaleup, Technology


Conditions: A SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) S511 was used in a 38 cm diameter cylindrical reaction vessel filled with 60 L water containing phenolphthalein as pH indicator. To this 2 L of ion exchange beads (IRN 99 H+, about 500 µm particle size) were added, followed by 0.5 L NaOH (1 M). During loading and reaction the RBR was spinning at 200 rpm, whereas 50 rpm was used during draining and unloading. The RBR was emptied by spraying water from nozzles in three baffles installed within the reaction vessel.

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