Application 1033

Deionizing 7000 L of tap water using the SpinChem® RBR S100

The SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) S100, with a solid phase capacity of 100 L, was used to deionize 7000 L of tap water. The RBR S100 was operating at 160 rpm and filled with 36.5 L of mixed bed ion exchange resin. The results show that the RBR S100 can efficiently process large liquid volumes. As shown by the successful deionization, the performance of the RBR remains high even when it is partially filled, which proves the extreme robustness of the RBR technology.


Municipal tap water (7000 L, Umeå, Sweden) with a conductivity of 113 μS/cm was filled in a rectangular vessel where the rotating bed reactor (RBR) S100 was lowered off center. Lanxess Lewatit NM60 mixed bed resin (36.5 L) for deionizing water was filled in nylon bags (12 pcs, 75 μm mesh size) and the bags were placed evenly distributed in the RBR. The resin bags filled less than half of the RBR volume. The RBR S100 was run at 160 rpm and stopped at 170 minutes when the conductivity had reached 0.083 μS/cm (ca 14 MΩ-cm).

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