Application 1028

Enzyme immobilization screening using magnetic rotating bed reactors

The SpinChem® MagRBR ECR screening kit, pre-packed with Purolite® Lifetech™ resins, was used to screen six different enzyme carrier resins in parallel for the immobilization of lipase CalB. Easy sampling and monitoring of the process, together with effortless handling, established the MagRBR as a time and labour efficient screening device.

Keywords: Biotransformation, Easy handling, Immobilized enzymes, Rapid screening


Conditions: The enzyme solution was prepared for each type of resin according to the protocols outlined in the SpinChem guidelines for enzyme immobilization (available at Each MagRBR contained 0.5 mL of ECR carrier resin, and was spun in enzyme supernatant at 500 rpm for 24 h. To monitor the immobilization process, enzymatic activity in the supernatant was measured at five points during a 24 h timespan to determine the amount of residual enzyme in the solution. The enzymatic activity was determined using a lipase activity test based on the transformation of p-nitrophenylbutyrate to p-nitrophenol and butyric acid. The reaction was quantified by the use of a spectrometer through an increase in absorbance at 450 nm due to the conversion into the products.

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