L2203 Cover of Organic Process Research & Development 2022, 26 (9)

Peroxygenase-Driven Ethylbenzene Hydroxylation in a Rotating Bed Reactor

Markus Hobisch, Piera De Santis, Simona Serban, Alessandra Basso, Emil Byström, and Selin Kara

Organic Process Research & Development 2022, 26 (9), 2761-2765

“The ability of unspecific peroxygenase (UPO) to hydroxylate a wide range of substrates with just H2O2 as a cosubstrate has attracted a great deal of attention in biocatalytic research. The enzyme’s intrinsic limitation to be inactivated by excess amounts of the oxidative cosubstrate has been tackled with in or ex situ hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) provision strategies. In this paper, we present the application of the covalently immobilized UPO mutant PaDa-I in a rotating bed reactor for the hydroxylation of ethylbenzene in a two-liquid-phase system. By monitoring product formation in the organic phase and H2O2 concentration in the aqueous phase, the multiphasic reaction was optimized.”

Reaction scheme for the peroxygenase-driven ethylbenzene hydroxylation


  • Biphasic liquid
  • Immobilized unspecific peroxygenase

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