Full Scale Capsaicin Production with the Rotating Bed Reactor

XP Chemistries AB is the world leading producer of sustainable Capsaicin, the molecule responsible for the 'heat' in chili peppers. Through their patented process, they valorize biomass such as wood by the use of biocatalysis.

In the early stages of our collaboration, the synthetic application was evaluated for compatibility with the rotating bed reactor in SpinChem's laboratories. Our facilities allow us to test on reaction scales ranging from several milliliter to multiple cubic meters.

Subsequently, reaction conditions were optimized for sustainable operations at scale in the labs of XP Chemistries using SpinChem's benchtop equipment. By implementing immobilized biocatalysts, XP Chemistries made use of the incredible efficiency and catalytic power of enzymes. Not only did the enzymatic approach improve overall economics but it also significantly reduced the footprint of the process by virtue of their longevity and selectivity.

Bio-based valorization strategy for the synthesis of capsaicin.

The next step was to increase the process scale and to accelerate production throughput to satisfy strong customer demands. The ProRBR product range allowed XP Chemistries to smoothly transfer their well-developed reaction from benchtop to 100 L scale. Today they are producing capsaicin at high volumes and with unique purity, positioning them as the world leading producer of sustainable capsaicin.

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