Streamlining the Cannabis Industry with SpinChem’s Latest Systems

Both remediation and effective conversion play a critical role in transforming raw plant material into more refined products, such as concentrates, oils, and other derivatives. This often involves extracting specific compounds, such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol), from the plant material and refining them into a more concentrated form.

Here is where the rotating bed reactor (RBR) comes into the picture. SpinChem’s rotating bed reactors improves the remediation of color, odor, heavy metals and pesticides by enabling clean and simple handling of adsorbents. The rotating bed reactor is also widely used for catalytic applications, such as hydrogenation using granular catalysts. To offer a complete range of validated systems on any scale between laboratory testing and full-scale production, we have launched two new systems:


Complete S4

Designed for work with 2.5 gallons of liquid (10 L), the Complete S4 features a glass vessel offering unrestricted visibility of the application. Whether it’s decolorization, pesticide remediation, or converting cannabinoids, the Complete S4 is an ideal first step out of the lab and towards production.

Complete S5

When the process is working as intended in a lab and pilot setting, the application should be scaled up to match the throughput of the rest of the operations. Ideal for batches of 30 gallon (120 L), the Complete S5 requires only one operator. The jacketed stainless steel (316L) vessel is paired with an RBR S5 and a lifting unit that improves the ergonomics and safety of the operator.

In conclusion, by using SpinChem's RBR, cannabis processing can be taken to the next level. This ensures the high product safety and quality that is demanded by both regulatory requirements and the consumer base.

Discover the difference our innovative technology can make by exploring the Complete S4 and Complete S5 systems today! Click the links to learn more and take the first step towards a more efficient and safe cannabis production process.

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