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Complete S4

Bring your process to pilot scale in 10 L of liquid, with the RBR S4 installed in a jacketed glass vessel. The lifting aid offers ergonomic operations and easy access to the rotating bed reactor for solid-phase replacement or reactor cleaning. Customizable on request.

Price on request.


The Complete S4 comprises a jacketed glass vessel (10 L volume), an RBR S4 with a drive shaft, an electric motor with speed control, a lifting aid, and a rugged support frame. The fittings are customizable to match your auxiliary needs.


  1. Material of construction, wetted parts
  2. Stainless Steel 316L, Borosilicate glass, PTFE, FEP
  3. External dimensions
  4. 700 mm (width) x 700(depth) x 1800 (height)
  5. RBR volume
  6. 1.1 L
  7. Vessel volume
  8. 10 L
  9. System dry weight
  10. 120 kg (approximate)
  11. Motor speed
  12. 0-400 rpm
  13. Jacket temperature range
  14. -30°C / +200°C



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