Application 1045 Rotating bed reactor used for pesticide remediation in intermediate bulk container (IBC) with tractor spraying fields in background

Pesticide remediation in extracts and oils

Pesticide residue can ruin a batch of a botanical extract, creating large problems for producers. Curated adsorbents, specifically chosen for your situation, can be used to remediate the pesticides. With a rotating bed reactor, you are equipped to respond to contaminants showing up on your test results.

Botanical extracts are produced or used as ingredients in many industries, such as the cannabis industry, food and beverage, or flavours and fragrances. It is imperative that these products are safe for human consumption, and so there are regulations on the content of pesticides and trace metals. If the plant biomass is contaminated, an extract or distillate will show even higher concentrations of the pesticide, and as an expensive consequence the product may have to be discarded.

Fortunately, pesticides can be removed from extracts and oils using granular materials (adsorbents) that bind the pesticides in the extract. These adsorbents are loaded in a rotating bed reactor, whereby the extract is treated quickly and effectively. Many pesticides can be dealt with in this way. Reach out to SpinChem for a consultation on your specific challenge.

For example, the following pesticides (and many more) can be effectively removed using hand-picked adsorbents:

  • Myclobutanil (”myclo”; the active ingredient in Systhane®)
  • Malathion
  • Piperonyl butoxide
  • Chlorpyrifos
  • Acequinocyl
  • Spinosad

SpinChem can also help you with metal contamination, such as arsenic or lead, or with undesirable colour and odour in your product.

Rotating bed reactor spinning in oil extract to remove pesticides

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