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Impact of critical parameters influencing enzymatic production of structured lipids using response surface methodology with water activity control

Ariana Causevic, Eimantas Gladkauskas, Kim Olofsson, Patrick Adlercreutz, and Carl Grey

Biochem. Eng. J., 2022, 187, 108610.

“In this study, the single and combined effects of water activity, temperature and substrate ratio were studied on the reaction between high oleic sunflower oil and ethyl stearate producing 1,2-stearin-3-olein (SOS) using immobilized lipase from Rhizopus oryzae (Lipase DF “Amano” IM). […] To set the water activity, a control system based on dry/humid nitrogen gas sparging was developed. The models were found to adequately describe the effect of the factors on product yield and quality as well as being robust.”


Reactor setup for the study of enzymatic production of structured lipids



  • "Water is an important factor in enzymatic reactions as it affects the enzyme activity and the equilibrium position of hydrolytic reactions. To study these effects, the authors first developed a system based on relatively simple and low-cost components that could continuously control the activity of water in organic media in a SpinChem® RBR."
  • “Increased temperature and water activity had initial positive influence that shifted to substrate ratio and a negative influence of water activity as equilibrium was approached.”
  • “Product quality was mostly affected by temperature negatively, as an increased temperature promoted acyl migration.”


Illustration of parameters studied and their effects


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