Application 9002

Screening of Immobilized Enzymes in an EasyMax™ 102

Screening immobilized enzymes to find the best match with the substrate and reaction conditions can be a time-consuming process. The introduction of the solids in a stirred tank reactor leads to damage to the immobilized biocatalysts and makes filtration necessary.

Fortunately, there is a solution that yields convenient screening of immobilized enzymes. The rotating bed reactor (RBR) can be installed in the Mettler-Toledo EasyMax™ 102 Advanced synthesis workstation to achieve the optimal system for reaction development. The RBR contains the immobilized enzymes and protects them from degradation, while simultaneously providing immediate separation after the reaction. Simply lift the RBR out of the product and move on to the next step.

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A SpinChem® RBR S2 containing one enzyme at a time from Purolite® Lifetech™ lipase kit, was rotated at 500 rpm in a preheated (60 °C) substrate solution containing lauric acid (84.1 g), 1-propanol (31.5 mL) and water (3.36 mL). Analysis of propyl laurate product was accomplished by GC-FID after 1:50 dilution in heptane containing internal standard (tetradecane). Reactions were repeated twice.

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