Application 9002

Screening of Immobilized Enzymes – Fast and Convenient Reaction Optimization

The stable reaction environment in the EasyMax™ 102 Advanced synthesis workstation and the high flow rates through the SpinChem® RBR allowed for quick and convenient screening of different immobilized lipases to find the enzyme most suitable for further reaction optimization.


Keywords: Biotransformation, Immobilized enzymes, Mettler-Toledo, Organic molecules, Rapid screening


Conditions: A SpinChem® S2 RBR fitted with cartridges (4×2 mL) containing one enzyme at a time from Purolite® Lifetech™ lipase kit, was rotated at 500 rpm in a preheated (60 °C) substrate solution containing lauric acid (84.1 g), 1-propanol (31.5 mL) and water (3.36 mL). Analysis of propyl laurate product was accomplished by GC-FID after 1:50 dilution in heptane containing internal standard (tetradecane). Reactions were repeated twice.

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