Application 1030

Decolourization of highly viscous solutions using a rotating bed reactor and a stirred tank reactor

The performance of a SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) in the treatment of highly viscous solutions was compared to that of a conventional stirred tank reactor (STR). Both reactor set-ups were used for the extraction of Allura red dye from a glycerol-dye mixture using an ion exchange resin. The RBR removed 10 times the amount of dye in just over 40 % of the time, compared to the STR. This comparison underlines the efficient mixing and clever design of the SpinChem® RBR, as well as the broad spectrum of applications for which this technology is highly relevant.

Keywords: Decolouration, Fast reaction, Ion exchange, Technology, Viscous solutions




Conditions: Glycerol (80%, wt) was mixed with dH2O and Allura red (20 mg/L). The mixture was kept at a temperature of 10°C to achieve a viscosity of around 0.116 · 10¯³ m²/s. A SpinChem® RBR S3 was filled with 41.6 g macroporous strong base anion exchange resin (Purolite® A500 MB Plus) and spun in 1 L of the mixture at 400 rpm. For the STR experiment, 41.6 g of the same ion exchange resin was suspended in 1 L of the viscous dye solution, and stirred by means of an impeller at 400 rpm. Samples for absorbance measurements were taken over time and analysed using UV-Vis spectroscopy.

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