Application 1034

Decolourization using 79 L of activated carbon in a 7000 L vessel

A large scale decolourization experiment using the SpinChem® rotating bed reactor (RBR) S100, packed with 79 L of activated carbon. The vessel contained 7000 L of water with added methylene blue dye. In under 40 minutes, 95% of the initial concentration of methylene blue was removed from the water, which shows that the RBR S100 can achieve fast reaction times in large scale processes.


Deionized tap water (7000 L) was filled in a rectangular vessel where the rotating bed reactor (RBR) S100 was lowered off center. Activated carbon (Epibon Y 12/40, 79 L) was filled in nylon bags (24 pcs, 75 μm mesh size) and the bags were placed evenly distributed in the RBR. 15 g of methylene blue was added to the water (2 mg/L) and the RBR S100 was run at 180 rpm and stopped at 71 minutes. The absorbance was measured using an UV-VIS spectrophotometer and after 38 minutes, the measured absorbance was below 5% of the initial value.

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