Application 1053 A rotating bed reactor in a liquid containing dichlorophenol indophenol.

Phenol scavenging using ion-exchange resin

Scavenging of soluble undesirable compounds and substances onto solid phase is used in a wide range of applications. In this example, a rotating bed reactor (RBR) is used to capture low concentrations of a phenol onto readily available Strong Anion Exchange (SAX) resin as a scavenger.

Neutral dichlorophenol indophenol (3 mg) was dissolved in dichloromethane (150 mL) to give a bright red solution. An RBR S2 was charged with 20 mL of Purolite® A500P in OH- form and immersed in the phenol solution. The phenol was removed by spinning the rotating bed reactor at 500 RPM until the solution was colorless. The phenol, which changes colour when it’s deprotonated, appears blue on the resin after the scavenging is completed.

Ion-exchange resin in the rotating bed reactor. The resin has a blue colour due to the adsorbed phenol.

After the scavenging step, the clean liquid product is easily drained from the reaction vessel, while the phenol remains isolated on the resin in the RBR. Do you have an organic contamination to remove from your product? Reach out to us for a discussion about how to remediate the challenge.

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