SpinChem® RBR S2

SpinChem® rotating bed reactor for 100-500 mL vessel


  1. Material
  2. Stainless Steel (SS316L, EN2348)
  3. Height
  4. 30 mm
  5. Diameter
  6. 45 mm
  7. Porosity
  8. 104 µm
  9. Volume
  10. 28 mL
  11. Shaft Length
  12. 38 cm
  13. Shaft Diameter
  14. 10 mm
  15. Vessel Volume Range
  16. 100-500 mL
  17. Weight
  18. 85 g (317 g including shaft)
  19. Rotational Direction
  20. Counterclockwise
  21. Rotational Speed
  22. 300-1000 rpm (maximum 500 rpm continuously when shaft guide is used!)


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