Application 1037 A rotating bed reactor installed in a process vessel.

In-tank deployment of large scale rotating bed reactor

How can this process be scaled up? This is perhaps the most important question to consider when developing a chemical process. If it cannot be done on large scale, all the time and resources invested in laboratory work will be unrewarded. Pumping liquids through massive columns or separating solids from a large batch can be unsurmountable challenges that bring a halt to a new project before it has even left the starting blocks.

The value of a truly scalable solution cannot be overestimated. Such a solution should offer the same benefits on the factory floor as in the laboratory and be readily implemented for any production capacity. With these requirements SpinChem has developed the rotating bed reactor for industrial use.

The rotating bed reactor offers many benefits such as:

See how a rotating bed reactor filled with the cationic resin Purolite NRW1160 was was used to clear a 7,500 L vessel of the dissolved compound methylene blue.

We can install a rotating bed reactor in your process vessels, or put one in a modular reactor that integrates with your existing process. Do you have a process to scale up? Reach out to us below!


An RBR S14 was charged with 12 L of the strongly acidic cationic resin Purolite NRW1160. The RBR was lowered into a 7,500 L vessel filled with de-ionized water containing the 16 grams of the dye methylene blue. The RBR was spun at 340 rpm while the transmittance at 663 nm was monitored for 4 h, at which point the transmittance was returned to the baseline value for clear water.

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