Application 1037

In-tank deployment of large scale rotating bed reactor

To further demonstrate the use of RBR:s at process scale, a decolorization using ion exchange resin was performed at 7500 L scale.

An RBR S14 was filled with strongly acidic cationic resin NRW1160 from Purolite and used to remove blue dye from an aqueous solution in a stainless steel tank of 7500 L volume. The solid-to-liquid ratio is a fraction of percent, showing the efficiency of the RBR technique for convectional mass-transfer and global mixing.

The RBR was spun at 340 rpm while the transmittance at 663 nm was monitored for ca 4 h at which point the transmittance had recovered the baseline value for colorless de-ionized water.


Keywords: Ion exchange, Cleantech, Nuclear, Scale-up



An RBR S14 was charged with strongly acidic cationic resin Purolite NRW1160 (ca 12 L). The RBR was lowered into a 7500 L vessel filled with de-ionized water. Immediately before the start of the reaction, blue dye methylene blue (16 g in 10 L water) was added.

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